Trebel Music Downloader app

There are many legal and illegal Music Downloader Applications. However, Trebel is an awesome application and the developer of Trebel claim that the app provides mp3 songs to download in a legal way. So if you want to download free music, then Trebel Music could be the best application for you.

Download Links for Trebel Music App

Download for iPhone and iPad

Download for Android

APK File V3.4.4 for Android

Android Users can download from the PlayStore if they are in the United States. If you are not in the US, you need to download APK file and then install in manually on your Smartphone.

Note: If the app doesn’t work, please use a VPN and select US location for the first time. After successful login, you can close VPN and then use the Trebel Music application without any issue.

Usage Guide

Launch the app, browse your favorite songs and play them online. Every song, as well as albums, comes with a download option. You can download the full album or a song from any album. The app is free so they serve ads to support singers. The app developer claim that they share revenue with content maker what they earn serving ads or premium subscription. However, whether you are a free user or premium, you can download any songs. After downloading the song, you can play without internet connection. When the songs are played in offline mode, the ads will not pop up. However, the app doesn’t let you play downloaded songs on stock music player like Music Paradise Pro app. You will have to use Trebel Music to play the downloaded music. It seems they use the caching system, just like Spotify, Deezer, and other apps.

Trebel Music comes with some options to go ad-free. However, it depends on the coins you purchase. It won’t let you go ad-free for lifetime whatever you pay. Like other apps, this app doesn’t serve nonsense. You can find songs of almost all the singers, even Rihanna, Britney, Enrique, and so one…