SoundCloud is an awesome platform for those who love listening to music and also those who want to get popular. SoundCloud allows uploading your music files on their server. Well, we are not here to discuss how you can upload, but how you can download the music files from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud has a paid subscription to download music for offline play, but you cannot download those files to your local storage or memory card. However, we still have a solution for you to download any SoundCloud Music in Mp3 Format. Let’s get to know.

Sound to MP3 Music Downloader application and How to do?

You will need to Download These 2 applications to make it work

Now Follow These Steps

  • Launch SoundCloud Application On Your Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • Browse any song you want to download
  • Tap on the song and it should start playing withing SoundCloud App
  • Tap on the Share icon and Click on SoundCloud Loader application (Please note that if you have many applications loaded on your smartphone, SoundLoader may not show there, so scroll/swipe to another page and then tap on SoundLoader app)


  • See the notification center of your Android Smartphone now. You will be able to see the downloading progress
  • Wait and let the download complete
  • When Music Downloading is complete, you can launch the file manager application on your device, and find the downloaded file under Storage –> Music –> SoundCloud folder. Please note that file location may differ depending on the smartphone model

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