Today, we will discuss some of the most important FAQ about Saavn or So let’s learn everything you must know…

What is Saavn?

Saavn is a legal music streaming and downloading service provider in India. However, it’s subscription based and you cannot keep the downloading music forever.

Can I Stream Music for free without any fee and What are the limitations?

Yes, you can stream an unlimited number of music files on the web or via its application. Being a free user, you will be forced to see some ads. So if you don’t mind them, you are good to be a free user as long as Saavn doesn’t change the policy.

A Myth: The playable songs for free users are not in good quality

Saavn usually let you play songs in 128kbps quality that is good enough for your ears whether you want to use headphone or wants to use the speaker. However, Saavn mentions that they let you play 320kbps files if you upgrade to pro. Well, most of the songs are not available in this quality, but in 128kbps. Some songs are even worst. So if you are upgrading to the Pro assuming that the headphone or speaker is going to rock 3 times or even 2 times better compared to 128kbps, then you will repent.

Should I upgrade to Saavn Pro

Yes, you are recommended to upgrade if you want to save data because the Pro plan let you save songs for offline play. So download when you are connected to WiFi and play them offline.

I have Activated Saavn Pro and Downloaded Enough Songs. Can I now disable the internet for Saavn play those songs forever?

Nope! All the downloaded songs are cache based (not the actual mp3 player). So you must connect your device online at least once a month to let Saavn verify that you are still a Pro member, else the songs will disappear automatically.

Can Play Downloaded songs using other apps?

No, Saavn doesn’t let you do this limiting the DRM Access. If you don’t know these technical terms, just understand a simple English that there is no way to make this happen, so you must use Saavn.

Number of Songs you can play on Saavn?

There are over 30-million songs available on Saavn to play Online via its Web Player or Application. Along with Hindi, there are English, Tamil, Bengali, and other songs available on Saavn.

How much does the Pro Plan Cost?

Saavn Subscription costs 99 Rs each month only. There are some saavn gift cards that you can get from amazon and enjoy even more discount. For example, 999 Rs will give you the access for 12 months.

Can I install Saavn Pro for free? Or Can get a free month trial?

Free Trial for a month is not provided to all users. However, Saavn do selects some users time to time and send them messages about the offer if there is any.

You can find free or cracked version of Saavn Pro that will work like a real pro version. However, this won’t last longer. It will get disabled automatically in few days. So you will be back to normal.

Where to Get Saavn Pro App or Play Online?

Web Player for Saavn: Use Web Player Here

Android App: Play Store Link

iOS App: Get it on App Store

Is there an Alternative Option for Free Music Downloading?

If it was about English Songs, I may have suggested Music Paradise Pro or SuperCloud Music Downloader, but for Hindi or Bollywood songs. I don’t have the best alternative option for you. However, you can use Mp3 Juice or Tubemate to convert YouTube Music Files to Mp3 and save for offline play.