Pep MP3

There are many applications that we have already discussed for Android Smartphone, and now we have a new app that is really awesome and free. We would like to apologize to iPhone users because there aren’t many apps that they can use. So far we have told about Trebel Music app only, and we will list some more soon.

Meet the Pep! Music Downloader and Player Android App

There are many apps that cannot find all the songs you want. However, Pep Music Downloader is as good as Music Paradise Pro and Supercloud MP3 Downloader. This app is even better in many aspects. Here is the apk file that you can download, and if you need to more information, you can keep reading.

Get Pep MP3 Apk Now

How to use Pep! Mp3 Player and Downloader app

First of all, download the application and install it on your Android Phone or Tablet. When you launch Pep! MP3 Player application, you will see a black screen with a short note about the app. On the bottom of the app, there are some small icons. If you want to download a music, click on the download icon (located on the bottom left), and then type the name of the song or artist in the search field, and press ok button. Now you will see the list of songs, and it will also show the song duration and its bit rate. Click on a file that you want to download, and then hit the small download button on the bottom right corner. If you want to listen to the file before downloading, you can also click on the play button on the bottom left corner. All the downloaded files are saved in SD card and it can also be played using any Stock Music player application.