Omega Mp3

Omega MP3 is the name of the application that can be installed on any Android Smartphone and Tablet that is running Android 2.3.4 or newer version. Omega MP3 weighs 3.5 MB only.  It’s been a long time when this app received an update, but the app still works fine. The app can be used to download free music. Download the app using the link below.

Download Link and Usage Guide for Omega Mp3 App

Download apk file here

The download link will get you an apk file that you need to install. Then launch the app and start searching song. Type the song name in the search field, and hit OK button. It will try to find the song you typed and then list accordingly. Now you can tap on the song name to stream or download. The play icon let users stream the music online, and the download button downloads the file for offline play.

Can Omega Mp3 Find All the Songs I want

The answer to this question is “NO.” Omega Mp3 used to be one of the best application that could locate almost all the songs. However, it seems they have made changes in their search algorithm or just simply change the search sources to find music files. There are apps like Music Paradise, Music Maniac, Trebel Music, SuperCloud Mp3 Downloader etc., that can search you all the music. However, this app seems to have limited access and may not give you what you really want. Well, the app is still free and you can try it once. If you like the app, keep it installed, else you can try to use other music apps. We have listed many apps as well as websites on our website that you can browse. It will help you find the one that you will like the most.