There are many applications that can be used to download mp3 songs. Today, we will tell you about an application that is very popular among Android Users. This application is known as Music Maniac, and some people also call it Music Maniac Pro app. Actually, the non-pro version of the app used to do the same job as Pro version does, but that one doesn’t work anymore. You can still find it on the web and install on your device. However, it will fail to search any song or music files. The Music Manic Pro was released later by its developer and now this is the only Music Maniac app that you can download. The download link below is for the pro version that works very well.

Download the Apk file of this app

How to use Music Manic Pro App

  • First of all, download the application clicking the link above that is highlighted in yellow color. You will get the apk file that you need to install manually. When you are asked to give permission installing an application from unknown source, you need to accept, else the app will not be installed
  • Once the app is installed, launch it and you should see the following screen

Music Maniac Pro Downloader

  • Click on the Search Option that says “Mp3 Title/Artist Search”
  • Type song/album/artist name and press the OK button
  • All the similar music files will be shown on the screen
  • Tap on the song name, and you will get Listen as well as Download option
  • Press on Download option, and the downloading will start
  • This free music downloading app saves all the music files to the SD card. This way, you can save more songs on your device
  • After downloading those music files, you can play them online without the need of connecting your device to the internet

There are some more apps that you can use, like Music Paradise Pro Downloader and Trebel Music Downloader.