Mp3 Skull Pro Music App

When we talk about MP3 Skull Pro application, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the free music. However, do you know what happened with the MP3Skull website? We will tell you this later. Here is the MP3 Skull Pro Application Download link for apk file, but don’t forget to know about the app before you download.

Download the app’s apk file here

What type of music can you download with MP3 Skull Pro app?

I have tried searching music files in this application, and it seems it shows the result from Jamendo website only. Jamendo allows downloading royalty free music. So the app seems to have only those music files that are safe and free to download.

What happened to the original MP3 Skull Website and The App?

The Mp3Skull website and the app that used to let users download free music was sued, and they had to shut their site and the service. So you can no longer use the app. The apk file can still be found on the web, but that app won’t work. As far as web service is concerned, there are so many websites that have been built with the similar name but they are not the same.

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