Mp3 Juice is probably the best website to download MP3 songs for free. Whether you are looking for English, Hindi, French, Arabic, Spanish or music in any other language, Mp3 juices have it for you. So how they have got such a large collection of music library? Let’s know more about this website and their service.

How Mp3 Juice ( has got a large collection of music files?

You may be surprised to know that MP3 Juice website has no music or mp3 files on their server. It works as a Search Engine just like Google does. However, Google searches all type of files and MP3 Juices searched files from some certain websites. searches music from 7 sources that includes, SoundCloud, YouTube, 4Shared and some other websites. If you consider YouTube alone, there is no music or video website and service that can beat YouTube Music collection. YouTube has music in many languages that you can play and MP3 Juices let users download those files in MP3 format.

How to Download an Mp3 Music file from

MP3 Juice

  • Visit the website and type the song, music, or album name and hit the Search button as you can see in the image above. Before you hit the search option, you can click on Manage Sources option and select the website that you want to use to search music. The best option to find your favorite music would be YouTube and SoundCloud. Select one of them or both
  • Now all the music files will appear in the search result. Every music file will have source mentioned underneath whether they are from YouTube or SoundCloud
  • All the files will have 2 options; Play and Download. Play option allows listening to music without downloading, or you can click on Download option to get the download link

About MP3 Juices Android App or APK File

There used to be an application known as MP3 Juices. However, the app was provided by the original Mp3 Juices website that was sued earlier and they had to shut down their website as well as application. So you can still get the apk file of this android app, and install it successfully on your Android device, but it will not work on your device. If you are looking for an application to download Music, You can consider Music Paradise, Music Maniac Pro, Trebel Music etc..