YouTube is the best Video streaming website where you can find all type of music and other videos. However, many of us may want to convert those videos or music files into WAV format. WAV is a popular type of Audio format and was very popular when we were using Nokia Phones. Some people still prefer WAV format of audios to use as a ringtone for their smartphone. So let’s know how you can convert a YouTube Music to WAV to use as a ringtone or for any other reason. However, please respect the copyright of the material and use royalty free music only.

How to Convert YouTube to WAV using Computer (Mac and PCs) and Android Phones

  • Visit
  • Copy the YouTube Video URL and paste in the URL Field
  • Select the output format as .wav
  • If you do not want to convert the whole file, but only certain duration, click on More Settings option and specify the start and the end point
  • Click on Start Button and wait for the conversion file to be ready


  • Once the file is ready, click on the Download button to download the file


  • The file will be downloaded and saved in the wav format. Now you can use the file for any purpose you want as long as you are using a royalty free music and not violating any copyright.

Solution for iPhone users

If you are an iOS user, you can use MyMedia application and follow the same procedure we explained above. iPhone users won’t be able to use WAV files as ringtone, but can only listen to the downloaded file.