App Music

Apple Music is a popular Music Streamin Service provider that comes with millions of songs to stream and download. If you have ever puchased an album from iTunes Music, then you would be happy to know that a full month of subscription doesn’t cost the price of a album. This gives you unlimited access to music library, let’s know more about it.

Whether I should subscribe to Apple Music or Not?

To answer this question, I would like to tell you about the Good and Bad things about Apple Music, and you are the one to come to a conclusion.

The Good

  • Theee months free trial with unlimited access
  • Get access to over 40 million songs that even beats Spotify that offers over 30 million songs
  • Stream online and download music to play offline
  • Cancel anytime! So if you cancel within 3 months of free trial, you pay nothing
  • The best Music app for iPhone and Mac users as it is integrated with the build-in Music app and requires no additional app installation
  • It is available for iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android etc.

The Bad

  • No Web Player! You must use its application to play the music
  • Downloaded songs can be played offline, but cannot be imported as Mp3 file
  • No Free Subscription (for example, Spotify offers ad supported free music play)

Where to Get App Music App

iOS Users (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Use the stocl Music Player app. No Additional Download Required!

Mac Users: Use iTuens that already comes pre-installed

Android Users: Get the App from the PlayStore

Windows Computer Users: Get iTunes for Windows to Use Apple Music

Subscription Fee

Free Trial for first 3 Months, and then

  • $4.99 each month for students
  • $9.99 each moth for individuals
  • $14.99 for family plan (includes You + 5 Family members)


Apple Music is probably the best application as long as you are looking for ad-free subscription. There is no Music Streaming service provider that has over 40 million songs. So yes, it beats all other service providers. If you are a student, you can even enjoy 50% discount, so it becomes even more cheaper. The family plan is the most cost effective as it costs only $14.99 for 6 members that makes only $2.5 for each member. So you must give it a try, you can at least enjoy 3 months free trial and then cancel it if you don’t like. If you are okay with advertisements, limited songs skip, and standard sound quality, then Spotify should be okay for you.

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